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More About Me

I would like to know more about your professional career & your key areas of Research.

How Can we collaborate with you

We would like to collaborate with you on mentoring about our organisation . How can we proceed?

Pharmaceutical and International Trade

We are a pharmaceutical company engaged in manufacturing & marketing of Pharmaceutical API's & Intermediaries. We are exploring partnership opportunities with you. 

Other Questions

How to Invite Dr Kanans Visvanats as a Keynote Speaker?

Dr Kanans Visvanats will be happy to deliver the address to the gatherings on topics related to leadership, economics etc. Please drop a email or fill the table with your queries. 

How to Reach Out to Dr Kanans Visvanats

Please drop an email to Dr Kanans Visvanats & he will will revert back. 

Business Alliances & Collaborations

To forge an alliance with Dr Kanans Visvanats led Rupus Global Limited & Dr. Ashley's Limited, please write a detailed email. 

Academic Research

If you want to explore possibilities of exploring academic research in key areas, please drop an email to Dr Kanans Visvanats. 

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