Dr Kanans Visvanats is the recipient of several international & widely recognized awards & accolades. In a career spanning more than two decades, Dr Kanans Visvanats has presented many papers, delivered keynote addresses & received prestigious awards. Dr Kanans has made a deep & significant impact in the society & business for his contributions as an Academic Researcher, Economist & Entrepreneur.  

The Malcolm and Elizebeth Adiseshiah Award for Distinguished Studies by The Malcolm and Elizebeth Adisehiah Trust in 2020
• The Professional Excellence Award in Healthcare by the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam University in 2018
• The Albert Schweitzer Award in Medicine by The Albert Schweitzer Foundation in 2017
• The Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2011 from Dr Farooq Abdullah Union Minister at APEA -Enterprise Asia Awards. 

Global Icon Award at Royal Palace, Bali, Indonesia 2023
Honoured With the High Flyers 50 Global Icon Awards 2023 for advanced chemical research.

World’s Best Emerging Leader 2023 In London.