Leading think-tank & Luminaries Dr. Inese Vaidere,Ilze Indriksone,Prof.Ivars Kalviņš,Anda Caksa will be talking on the theme “Оpen Innovation: from the Creativity of the Individual to an Innovative Science-Based Economy” at the VI International Economic Forum From 21 to 22 September 2023 at the Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

Global researchers, Entrepreneurs, Healthcare Experts, Policy Makers, International Organization Chiefs, Social Reformers, Media Experts among others to address at the much awaited VI International Economic Forum at Riga, Latvia. The University of Berkeley (The University of California, Berkeley) & the Latvian Academy of Sciences are the knowledge partners of the international economic forum currently in its 6th glorious years. Some of the notable speakers of eminence like Prof Solomon Darwin,Dr. Kannan Wishwanatth,Dr. Raj Kumar Songa,Dr. Asta Pundziene,Dr. Kunsulu Zakarya,MBA Cyril Golub, Prof Abdraim Bakytzhan,Dr. Shahlo Turdikulova,Prof.Jo Cramer,Dr. Satya Brahma,Dr. Anthony Giannoumis, Prof. Bao Leiping,Mr. Gerald Hoppstaedter,Dr.Baiba Rivza,Dr. Pamela Bernabei,MBA Oskar Stachowiak will be sharing their thoughts in the two day long program in Plenary Session & Panel Discussions.

Dr. Nina Linde, Director of the Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, the brain behind organizing the international economic forum said “At a time when the world is grappling & witnessing with serious economic challenges, gender inequality, Cold War-era system, territorial acquisition against the territorial integrity & sovereignty or political independence of any state, there is an urgency for open innovations to debate crucial issues & find solutions for  international economic cooperation. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has radically changed NATO’s security environment. The renewed sense of threat is perhaps most acute among the three Baltic members―Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia―which have long been vulnerable to Russian aggression. For a third of the global economy, 2023 is going to be a tough year as the main engines of global growth – the United States, Europe and China – all experience weakening activity. The aim of the VI Economic Forum is to key explore principles such as multilateralism, inclusive growth, sustainable development, and digitalization in the context of global governance and international cooperation. The discussions & deliberations at the forum will be the first serious holistic Economic resilience agenda that will prepare a blueprint for the vision 2027. Global conflict, economic challenges in the Baltic States, energy uncertainty, food shortages, accelerating inflation, severe climate & environmental challenges are top of the agenda at the VI International Economic forum. I strongly believe that there is a great need for collaboration: all stakeholders have to play their part in overcoming the threat and consequences of the present economic, geo political challenges & foster an era of co-operation, free trade & commerce & accelerate the pace of innovations in all sectors”.

The International Economic Forum is being held for the sixth year. The event is organized by the Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. The activities of the Institute are aimed at studying economic issues significant for Latvia, searching for and creating innovative and scientifically proven solutions. At present, the Institute is one of the leading economic research centers with extensive partnerships in Europe and other countries. The mission of the Institute is to contribute to the development of the Latvian economy by introducing recommendations for the government, local governments, and public and private sectors of the Republic of Latvia based on research, competent assessments, and expert opinions. As a result of the forum, recommendations will be prepared for the development of the innovative economy of Latvia.

More information about the forum and registration: www.economicforum.lv . Information for the media: Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Renars Raubiskis, +371 20207092.